KOL Mapping
and Engagement​

Constellating Key Leaders

Our customized and proprietary processes identify, reach, validate, and segment the universe of experts to pinpoint the thought leaders you need—from local influencers to global experts.

To ensure you have maximum success, we assimilate multiple streams of data to gain a complete understanding of each expert.

Our comprehensive KOL mapping process includes:

The result?

Exceptionally respected, visible, and influential therapeutic experts matched to their most viable roles—by specialty, by share of voice, by level of influence, and also by product category and adoption behavior.

KOL Medical Targeting Tools Include​

Prescriber Data Analysis


Social Network



Our tools enable ongoing monitoring of each KOL’s activities and career.

We recognize how rapidly thought leadership can evolve. By keeping our finger on the pulse of change, we stay agile in the ever-shifting landscape of healthcare and science.

Your expert KOL medicine partners will be ready to engage in:

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Advisory Boards

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Investigational Work/ Clinical Development

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Patient Advocacy

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Congresses and Conferences

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Speakers' Bureaus

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Virtual Events

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Social Media

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Messaging Strategy

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Payer Strategy

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Experts in Engagement

The demands on key opinion leaders are greater today than ever before. Strategically mapped engagements are essential for effective KOL management in pharma. You must ensure you have the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

We Understand the KOL Mindset


They need to understand and support your product’s unique value

They want to hear a clear and compelling scientific story


They count on you to keep patients’ needs at the forefront

They expect meaningful benefits across all relevant audiences


They demand alignment with your company’s values and business approach

Optimizing KOL engagement means making deep connections, far beyond identification and recruitment. Our KOL management methodology includes:

Investigating the analytics to discern stakeholder concerns

Pairing experts optimally with your initiatives

Cultivating each expert’s strengths and interests

Building in-depth relationships with each one

We examine the product life cycle from every angle, mapping our findings to targeted segmentation using predictive models that communicate your information to clinical peers through:

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Advisory Boards

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Steering Committees

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Scientific Exchange Forums

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Investigator Meetings

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Speaker Training

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Congress Roundtables and Task Forces

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Data Rooms and Online Conferences

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With a full decade of KOL pharmaceutical management experience, we excel at KOL identification, recruitment and engagement.