Logan Langley, PharmD

First-Year Fellow

Before Joining the Luminology team in 2023, Dr. Langley attended the University of Vermont and University of Florida College of Pharmacy where he was awarded his bachelor’s in biology and his Doctor of Pharmacy degree, respectively. Throughout his training, Dr. Langley has gained experience in pharmacology research as well as the clinical trial landscape, and his insights from these experiences help to guide our team toward providing accurate, up-to-date, and patient focused content to our clients. Dr. Langley’s ability to form lasting relationships, work in multifunctional teams and adapt to clients’ needs quickly, helps Luminology to provide the quality of service we pride ourselves upon. Logan’s passion for medical communication and medical affairs, combined with his work ethic and leadership qualities, drive efficient work that yields high quality results. Logan resides in the greater Boston area where he enjoys teaching snowboarding, trying new food, and exploring the city in his free time.