Sebastian Restrepo

Account Manager

Sebastian Restrepo has more than 7 years of experience in scientific communications, which include HCP-targeted promotional medical education, direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising, academic publishing, and industry meetings support.

Seb earned his bachelor degree in biology and society, with honors, from CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique an Interdisciplinary Studies. He also pursued Thai and Mandarin Chinese studies at Mahidol University in Thailand and National Taiwan University, respectively.

Throughout his career, Seb performed managing editorial roles of increasing responsibility, with foci on therapeutic areas such as heart failure, diabetes, rare diseases, neuro-oncology, and early pipeline novel modalities, in support of such industry meetings as speaker trainings, advisory boards, drug relaunches, and publication steering committees. He later worked on medical audiovisual media projects with advertising conglomerates.

Seb joined Luminology in 2021 as a senior program manager, where he has gained dexterity in international clinical operations meetings and with disease states such as muscular dystrophy, pulmonary fibrosis, pancreatic oncology, and renal disease.