Marina P. Gehring, PhD

Scientific Manager

Dr. Marina P. Gehring brings to ECIR her background as a research scientist, medical writer, and published author, with more than 12 years of experience in oncology and immuno-oncology research. During her career, she authored more than 11 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, including Cancer Discovery and Journal of Clinical Oncology.

As a scientific manager at ECIR, she joins her passion for writing and editing with her knowledge in science. She helped clients published their clinical trial data in The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Blood Advances, and more. She also enjoys helping clients to create content that tells a story in their unique voice and elevates their brand.

Dr. Gehring completed her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences in Brazil and gained experience throughout her Master’s and PhD degrees in cellular and molecular biology. During her PhD, she was awarded a scholarship to go to Harvard Medical School, where she explored the effect of the CD39 enzyme deletion on radiotherapy immune response and contributed to the writing of a book chapter about purinergic signaling mechanisms involved in oncology, published in Frontiers in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery. Throughout her career, Dr. Gehring coordinated multiple oncology-related projects and was involved in the study design, data analysis, and manuscript writing/publication. Dr. Gehring also completed a certificate in Clinical Trials Design & Management from the University of California San Diego.