Kristin DeBellis, PharmD

Senior Medical Writer

Kristin earned her PharmD from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, thereby beginning an enriching pharmacy career. As a registered pharmacist across 3 different states, her experiences ranged from outpatient, institutional, home infusion, and pharmacy benefits management. In more recent years, her interest in the science of teaching led to her role as an instructor at Albany College of Pharmacy, Colchester pursuing effective learning assessment techniques. The energizing environment provided opportunities for creative instructional techniques.

In recent years, Kristin scaled back pharmacy-focused professional activities in favor of the challenge of medical writing across a gamut of subject matters. Over the course of three years, she has penned pieces advocating for a better understanding of the role of hormone therapy among the transgender community with Multiple Sclerosis, a deep dive into promising gene therapy techniques, and bite-sized reviews of cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments in gastroenterology. Kristin approaches each piece as a fascinating opportunity to learn and broaden her knowledge base.

Working virtually with the Respiratory Team at Luminology gives Kristin the time to take care of her small hobby farm (sheep!). As a resident of Vermont, it goes without saying that she loves snow sports and needle crafts by the fire.