Jason Hall, PhD

Medical Writer

Dr Jason Hall was trained in molecular and cellular pharmacology and has expertise in oncology and genetic disorders. After completing his doctorate, he gained experience working in biotechnology, continuing medical education, and medical communications companies. In these companies, Dr Hall developed scientific deliverables in the fields of hematology-oncology, neurobiology, ophthalmology, and microbiology.

Dr Hall has written articles for several publications throughout his academic career at Stony Brook University and Mayo Clinic. As a medical communications specialist, he has developed abstracts, posters, peer-reviewed manuscripts, speaker slide decks, landscape analyses, and scientific platforms.

At Luminology, Dr Hall is working with clients and key opinion leaders in the fields of otolaryngology and oncology to execute publication plans and provide medical affairs support. Dr Hall is committed to delivering effective medical communications content, and as a member of the American Medical Writers Association, he stays informed about current trends in the pharmaceutical industry.